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Power Flow can ship a complete system to you within a week. We have learned from experience though, that the further out we can plan our production activities, the lower the costs for those operations become and we are happy to share the resulting savings with those Customers who are able to plan ahead a little bit. Our "Pick Your Price" program is designed to do that by offering discounts based on lead time. Please indicate your preferred lead time / discount level below:
I need my order ship as soon as possible (1-3 days) (full price)
I need my order to ship within 4-14 days (full price)
I would like my system soon, but am willing to wait 3-6 weeks to save some money (some discount)
I would like to save as much money as possible and can wait 7-12 weeks for my system (biggest discount)

Are you interested in having an authorized Power Flow Dealer install your new Tuned Exhaust System?

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