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Beech owners - Progressive rebate ends with 15 orders - $200 rebate

POWER FLOW’S PROGRESSIVE REBATE PROGRAM SAYS: “Bring on the Beech$” - Program Ends with 15 confirmed orders. 

Updated 08.07.12

After extending our offer through the end of EAA AirVenture, we had two additional Beech Orders bringing our total to 15(fifteen) orders; everyone now gets a $200 rebate in approximately 90 days

With last Summer’s “Show Us The Mooney’s” program, Power Flow unveiled a uniquely successful and mutually profitable variation on the “group buy” concept.  By the time that program ended on the last day of AirVenture, 2011, nearly 30 Mooniacs had taken us up on our offer.  Each of them got a brand new, high performance Tuned Exhaust System and flew-off with $1,000.00 in savings to boot!

Based on the success of that program, Power Flow is pleased to make the same offer, new and improved for 2012, available to owners and pilots of the Beechcraft 19 & 23 series aircraft powered by either the Lycoming O-320 or O-360 engines.  

The benefits of Power Flow's Tuned Exhaust Systems for the perennial popular Beechcraft 19 & 23 series aircraft are well proven and widely acclaimed. In fact, the only complaints we have come from power hungry Mouse mavens beseeching us to reduce the cost of our system so that they, too, can increase the performance and lower the fuel burn on their beloved Baby Beech’s. More than one aficionado of these fine aircraft has assured us that if we were to just lower our prices, a passel of performance loving Musketeer, Sport & Sundowner supporters would beat a path to our door.

To be honest, we're a little skeptical, but we've enjoyed the Beech Aero Club’s hospitality at Oshkosh for so many years that we’re willing to give it a try. 

- Here's your chance to get a once-in-a-lifetime low price on a brand new Tuned Exhaust System and, at the same time show us what Beech Bums can accomplish through a little cooperative effort.  As outlined in the table below, we are making our performance enhancing, fuel saving systems available at unprecedented savings – and in the true spirit of “One for All and All for One”, these savings increase for everybody as more pilots take advantage of them. 

If you place your order between now and the end of Sun-N-Fun, April 1, 2012, (offer extended through EAA AirVenture, 7/29/12) you will get an initial discount of $500.00.  Every time five more Beech pilots sign-on, everybody saves another $100.00! The maximum discount, a WHOPPING $1,000.00 off! will be awarded to all purchasers once at least 25 stalwart souls have signed-up for the program.

To help get the program off to a flying start, we will even include our optional maintenance free Ceramic Coated Tailpipe, normally a $200.00 up-charge, FREE for the first 10 Beech Bums who place their order.

For Beech Aero Club members (your valid member ID # must be presented with your order), whether brand new or old-timers, it gets even better: An additional $100.00 off for the first 24 orders placed PLUS a FREE Ceramic Coated Tailpipe (Normally a $200.00 upgrade) for all orders! 

Not a BAC Member yet? Join today at: www.beechaeroclub.org and share in the savings!

The bottom line here is really pretty simple:

 You Bring On the Beech's and Power Flow will Dish Out the Discounts!

Number of confirmed BeechExhausts ordered as of 08.07.12: 15 (fifteen)

Final Rebate amount: $200.00

If additional orders had been placed before the offer ended, we would have had:

Number remaining before everyone gets an additional rebate of $300.00: 1

Number remaining to maximum discount of $1000.00 ($500.00 initial discount plus $500.00 rebate): 10

To Learn More about the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust:

Beech with O-320 engines - CLICK HERE
Beech with O-360 engines -

Terms And Conditions:

 1.)    All orders for these systems placed will be accepted at the initial discount level of $500.00.  
2.)      The final discount for each system purchased will be based on the net number of systems ordered by July 29, 2012.  For example: if 12 Beech systems are ordered by the end of the program, your final discount would be $700.00, making the net purchase price $3,590.00 per exhaust system. If 25 Beech systems are ordered by the end of the program, your final discount will be $1,000.00, making the net purchase price $3,290.00 per system.
3.)      The difference between the initial discount and the final discount will be paid to each purchaser via check within ninety (90) days of the end of the program. For example: In the hypothetical purchase outlined above, Power Flow would mail you a check for $200.00 (if 12 systems are purchased during the program) or $500.00 (if 25 or more systems are purchased) on or before July 31, 2012 October 31,2012.
4.)      Power Flow will keep a running total of the net number of Beech systems ordered under this program on its web site: www.powerflowsystems.com on this announcement page.
5.)      A deposit of $1,500.00 is required to secure an order under the terms of the program and receive an assigned production slot.  The remaining balance is due one day prior to the system's Ship Date.  Minimum production lead time for all systems ordered under this program is six (6) weeks, must take delivery within twelve (12) weeks of order, subject to capacity.
6.)      Prices shown are for a complete system with polished tailpipe.  Available options may be added at normal list prices. The first ten (10) systems ordered will receive the optional Ceramic Coated Tailpipe, valued at $200.00, at no additional charge.  The Ceramic Coated tailpipe may be added to orders number 11 and higher at its normal list price of $200.00.  Packing and Shipping via UPS Ground (averaging $130.00 per system) are additional.  Beech Aero Club members receive an additional $100 discount (first 24 orders only) plus free ceramic coated tailpipe. 
7.)      Power Flow’s 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 month / 500 flight hour Warranty apply to all systems ordered under this program.
8.)      Progressive Rebate Program start date: Jan. 1, 2012, end date: April 09, 2012 July 29, 2012. Rebate is calculated based on number of Beech exhaust systems ordered, less any from this order group that are returned.  Not valid on previous orders, can not be combined with any other offer.

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