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Congrats Mooney owners: 30 total orders at program close - $500 rebate for the group!


Updated 9.07.11 1230

We ended the "Show us the Mooneys" offer with a total of 30 confirmed orders. This means that every order under this program is entitled to a $500 rebate, subject to the terms of the program. A few customers have been inquiring about our money-back guarantee and our 100% refund for cancellations.  Provided the net number of sales under this promotion remains at or above 25, then the rebates for $500 will be issued at the end of October.  Congratulations to all who have participated and who "Showed us the Mooneys!"

If you missed out on this opportunity, you can still benefit from some savings under our current monthly promotion. Please call for details.


The benefits of Power Flow's Tuned Exhaust Systems for 180 & 200 HP Mooney's are well proven and widely acclaimed.  In fact, the only complaints we have come from Mooniacs asking us (well, begging, really) to reduce the price so that they, too can increase the performance and lower the fuel burn on their beloved birds.  More than one prospect has assured us that if we were to just lower our prices, a whole hoard of power hungry Mooney Customers would beat a path to our door. 

To be honest, we're a little skeptical, but we're willing to give it a try. 

- Here's your chance to get a once-in-a-lifetime low price on a brand new Tuned Exhaust System and, at the same time show us what Mooniacs can accomplish through a little cooperative effort.  As outlined in the table below, we are making our performance enhancing, fuel saving systems available at unprecedented savings – savings that increase for everybody as more people take advantage of them.

 If you place your order between now and the end of AirVenture, July 31, 2011, you will get an initial discount of at least $500.00.  Every time five more Mooney pilots sign-on, everybody saves another $100.00!   The maximum discount, a WHOPPING $1,000.00 off ! will be awarded to all purchasers once at least 25 stalwart souls have signed-up for the program. 

The bottom line here is really pretty simple:

 You show US the Mooneys and we'll show YOU the Money!

Number of confirmed Mooney Exhausts ordered as of 08.15.11:  30.

Number remaining before everyone gets an additional rebate of $500.00: 0.

Number remaining to maximum discount of $1000.00 ($500.00 initial discount plus $500.00 rebate): 0.

To Learn More about the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust:

MOONEY B, C, D, or G Pilots -

Terms And Conditions:

 1.)    All orders for these systems placed will be accepted at the initial discount level of $500.00.  
2.)      The final discount for each system purchased will be based on the net number of systems ordered by July 31, 2011.  For example: if 25 Mooney systems are ordered by the end of the program, your final discount would be $1,000.00, making the net purchase price $3,190.00 for an M20C system or $3,590.00 for an M20J system.
3.)      The difference between the initial discount and the final discount will be paid to each purchaser via check within ninety (90) days of the end of the program. For example: In the hypothetical purchase outlined above, Power Flow would mail you a check for $500.00 on or before October 31, 2011.
4.)      Power Flow will keep a running total of the net number of Mooney systems ordered under this program on its web site: www.powerflowsystems.com
5.)      A deposit of $1,500.00 is required to secure an order under the terms of the program and receive an assigned production slot.  The remaining balance is due one day prior to the system's Ship Date.  Minimum production lead time for all systems ordered under this program is six (6) weeks, must take delivery within twelve (12) weeks of order, subject to capacity.
6.)      Prices shown are for a complete system with polished tailpipe.  Available options may be added at normal list prices.  Packing and Shipping via UPS Ground (averaging $130.00 per system) are additional.
7.)      Power Flow’s 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 month / 500 flight hour Warranty apply to all systems ordered under this program.
8.)      Progressive Rebate Program start date: Feb. 1, 2011, end date: July 31, 2011. Rebate is calculated based on number of Mooney exhaust systems ordered, less any from this order group that are returned.  Not valid on previous orders, can not be combined with any other offer.

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