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How a Power Flow exhaust works

How your current exhaust system works
During the 4 stroke cycle of combustion, the cylinder's only chance to empty itself and recharge with new fuel is when both the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time.  When this occurs, the cylinder that is trying to empty itself is met with the accumulated high pressure from each of the other 3 cylinders - forcing the engine to work against itself to empty the cylinder.  As a result some, but not all of the cylinder is emptied, losing efficiency and power.  A tuned exhaust is designed to make the combustion and exhaust process work for you instead of working against your engine.

How a Power Flow Tuned exhaust works
The Power Flow tuned exhaust is designed to have the exhaust pulses synchronize so that when the exhaust valve opens, the cylinder is met with a low pressure (vacuum) that more completely empties the cylinder.   More space for fuel and air means more power can be generated and your engine doesn't have to work as hard to make the same amount of power you have now.   Voila- instant efficiency!

The results are immediate.
Fixed-pitch propeller driven aircraft see an instant gain in available RPM so you can easily see (and feel!) the additional power generated, or fly with less throttle to go the same airspeed.   Constant speed aircraft get additional torque which results in increased climb and faster speeds. 

So what do you get when install a Power Flow exhaust?  
An immediate and noticeable increase in performance.  You can use less throttle to fly at your current speeds and save up to 2.2 gallons per hour, or gain up to 7 knots in additional speed - your choice.   In addition to the extra takeoff and climb performance, you also get our unique cabin heating system.  This heater system contains far less weld seams than your current exhaust system offering you increased piece of mind for when you use the heater.

As each aircraft model has a different exhaust system, the specific gains vary from model to model.  We invite you to look around on our website so that you can see the performance gains, pictures and reviews.  Click here to go to our products page.

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