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Power Flow now approved for the Aviat Husky and Robinson R22 helicopter

August 18, 2010

Power Flow’s Tuned Exhaust Systems for the Aviat Husky and Robinson R22 are now FAA Approved.

Just before the start of AirVenture 2010 in Oshkosh, WI,  Power Flow received two sets of good news from the FAA.  We received FAA Approval for the O-360 powered Aviat Husky A1B and A1C aircraft as well as the Robinson R22 Helicopters with O-320 engines.

Also at the show, the Aviat Factory announced that effective immediately the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust will be available as an option for all new 180 HP Husky’s.

We have commenced shipping to our initial Husky deposit holders for the A1B and A1C models and anticipate everyone on our early depositor’s list will have their systems by the end of November.  New orders are now being accepted with estimated delivery dates beginning in December 2010.

We expect that the earlier model Aviat Husky‘s (A1& A1A) will be added to our STC within the next several weeks.

Robinson R22, R22 Alpha, Beta and Mariner models are now fully approved and we have produced a video showing the obvious performance differences between a helicopter equipped with the stock exhaust and the same helicopter equipped with a  Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System. (below.)

To see our video - copy the following link into your browser

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