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Tuned Exhaust for the Bonanza announced

November 12, 2009


Daytona Beach, FL – Power Flow Systems, which now has tuned exhaust systems on over 3,500 aircraft, has designed a tuned exhaust system for the Beech Bonanza.  The company plans on obtaining STC’s for the IO-470, IO-520, and IO-550 configurations. Initial flight tests revealed that Bonanza owners can expect an increase in cruise speed by up to seven knots (four knots are guaranteed). When flying at established cruise speeds, owners can expect a fuel savings of up to 1.5 gallons per hour. Rate of climb improves by up to 15 percent with the tuned exhaust system and the service ceiling will increase by 2,000 to 5,000 feet. 

Power Flow tuned exhaust systems significantly increase engine efficiency and horsepower by doing a better job of evacuating exhaust fumes from cylinders, thereby allowing better fuel flow into the chambers. Engines run smoother, cooler and burn less fuel at the same airspeeds as a result.

Though the company has been tuning exhausts on 4-clyinder engines for 10 years, the Bonanza is Power Flow’s first venture with a six cylinder engine.  The company is now taking deposits from Bonanza owners as part of their Pre-Production Pricing Program which saves deposit holders $750 - $1245 (depending on the total number of deposits received) off the retail price of $6500.

For more information on the Pre-Production Pricing Program and to learn more about tuned exhausts, visit www.powerflowsystems.com or call 386.253.8833. Or click on the following link http://www.powerflowsystems.com/beechcraft_bonanza.html

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