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Improved Cabin Heat Now Available for 200HP Mooney

We like to get Power Flow owner’s feedback.  A small number of colder climate 200HP Mooney flyers told us that they love the performance of their Power Flow, but would really like more cabin heat when flying in extremely cold outside air temperatures.

This is not something easily tested at our headquarters in sunny Florida, therefore we had to rely upon some related testing on our new DA 40 exhaust up in Canada and an actual live test on a Mooney flying in middle of Winter. 

As a result, we have developed a relatively simple and easy to install addition to the existing exhaust design called a “Pre-Heat.”  This is an optional kit which consists of a small shroud wrapped around one of your header pipes, as shown.  Fresh, cold air flows from the front baffle into the pre-heater, and then from the pre-heater directly into our standard cabin heat shroud.  This extra heating area and routing provides a dramatic increase in temperature that makes a big difference when you just need that extra kick.   

The kit includes the heater shroud and two lengths of additional SCAT tube. To install, you will need to temporarily drop the PFS exhaust system down and remove one header on the left side.  You then slide the pre-heat up the header pipe and reinstall the exhaust.  For aircraft equipped with LoPresti Cowlings or our modified #2/#4 headers (not shown) for oil cooler clearance, you will actually install the pre-heat on the right side header, versus the left side.  Click to view installation instructions  

Estimated time to install the pre-heat kit is 1 hour for the actual exhaust work.  On an E or F with the stock cowlings, you might have a little more time involved due to reduced access to the exhaust. 

The results:Here’s what Power Flow owner Robert Kalter said after testing the new pre-heater on his M20 F at 10000 MSL with an outside air temperature of -10 to -20 Celsius (yes, that is a minus, BRRRR).   "Inside cabin temperatures was normal...we actually lowered the heat setting from the maximum several times"  

So if you would like a little extra heat in your Mooney cockpit, we have a solution for you.  This item is in stock and is available for immediate delivery.  Order now and install the kit for winter weather flying.  Kit: PFS-51310, $225.00 plus $10.00 shipping (48 US States).  Click here to see more details

Consider ordering a replacement set of exhaust gaskets and related hardware, so you or your technician does not have to run around and find these items.  If priced separately, you would pay $44.80, we charge $35.00.  Our p/n 10310, $35.00  Available through our authorized resellers or factory direct from Power Flow.

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