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Power Flow Systems, Inc. is proud to announce FAA Certification of the Power Flow Exhaust for the Cessna Cardinal 177RG. 

The last of the tooling and jigs for the C177RG exhaust system are being completed in preparation for the manufacture of the first batch of exhausts. 

At present, we are planning the first local installations of the PFS exhaust in December 2008, followed by shipments to everyone else.  The current planning is to install 3 to 5 systems at our factory in Daytona Beach, FL.  We do this to verify that the production units fit as designed and so that we can check a reasonable sample of aircraft in case some adjustments need to be made to the production units.  After the fit verification, we will gradually build-up the production rate from five exhausts to nearly ten per month.   

Something for you to be thinking about it:  If you don’t already have a Challenger Air Filter on your RG, please consider it.  In our testing on the RG, we found that the Challenger Air Filter actually provided a bigger gain when used with the PFS exhaust (2-3 knots) than with the Stock exhaust (just about 1 knot).   It seems that the improved ability of the engine to “breathe in” is then limited by how much it can “breathe out.”  The PFS exhaust helps the engine breathe out, so then the limiting factor is the intake air (the filter.)  Bottom line: If you want to get the most bang for your buck, we highly recommend the Challenger Air Filter.   It has become standard practice for us to install the Challenger Air Filter on each and every one of our development projects.   

We have done some flying with the 2nd development RG aircraft and confirmed our earlier performance gains.  In some cases, we have done even better than on the first aircraft.  That performance information will be posted shortly. 

Stay tuned…

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