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Product improvement for first year C177 for improved cowling clearance - 11/10/17

November 10, 2017 - One of the many things that are unique to the first year of C177 aircraft is the cowling. On the original Cessna exhaust system, there is sufficient clearance for the SCAT tube to work its way over to the original exhaust’s cabin heat source. The Power Flow second generation shroud was designed to fit all models of the C177 aircraft from 1967-1977.  Unfortunately, we weren’t aware of the difficult job of routing the 3.0 inch SCAT hose through what turns out to be a 2.5 inch space.  So in our relentless pursuit of perfection, we have implemented a number of changes in a complete redesign of the shroud exclusive to the first year Fixed Gear Cardinal. For more details on the change and to see how it looks, click here or go to our blog at http://www.powerflowsystems.com/blog/?p=225.

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