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Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System Enhances Uruguayan Missions

February 9, 2016


Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System Enhances Uruguayan Missions 

Uruguay – Since 1948, Charles Chalkling, S.A., has been operating out of a pair of locations in South America. For nearly seven decades they have been providing their clients a wide range of services, including crop-dusting, air taxi services, flight training, aircraft maintenance and aerial photography.

To support their expanding operations, the company recently purchased a 1974 Cessna 177RG and have been using it to fulfill a forest patrol and fire spotting contract. According to CEO and pilot, Mr. Juan Chalkling, the Cardinal was selected because of its excellent visibility, wide speed range and economical fuel burn. The benefits of the RG make it well suited for aerial photography, air taxi and IFR flight training in addition to its primary role. 

When the engine reached its TBO, after one season of operations, Mr. Chalkling enquired about ways to boost the performance of the aircraft. Mr. Guillermo Giordano of ArAvia, S.A., who did the overhaul in Argentina, recommended the addition of a Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System. The results of the system were dramatic: Mr. Chalkling reported a critical reduction of more than 25 percent in the Cardinal’s take off roll. The time to climb to working altitude for the forestry patrol missions went from 15 minutes to 9 minutes, a 40 percent improvement. Flight time to complete standard missions dropped from two hours to 1:45 at the same fuel burn, providing significant savings.

Chalkling said: “Based on the performance improvements we’ve seen, the tuned exhaust system quickly paid for itself. We’re pleased with the results.” 

Cardinal RG with Power Flow
Cardinal RGs experience significant performance improvements with a tuned exhaust system.


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