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News Release: Power Flow Partners with Pilot Groups


January 05, 2015


Power Flow Systems Partners with Pilot Groups for Tuned Exhausts

        Daytona Beach, FL - Now installed on an estimated 4,500 general aviation aircraft worldwide, Power Flow’s patented tuned exhaust systems offer improved performance and increased efficiency on the more than 20 popular airframes for which it has been granted Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s).  These include Cessna’s 172 & 177 series, Piper’s PA 28-140, the Grumman AA5 series, M20 B thru J model Mooney’s.

Most single engine airframes powered by Lycoming’s four cylinder O-320, O-360, I/O-360 or I/O-390 engines are candidates for the company’s proven upgrade.  In response to requests from Owner’s Groups representing the pilots of aircraft that saw smaller production runs, the company offers an alternative for developing and certifying their Tuned Exhaust.

“The first article of any new design of our system typically costs $50K to develop, test and produce” according to Mr. Darren Tilman, Power Flow’s General Manager.  “Add a similar amount for FAA mandated testing and production tooling and you can see that undertaking these projects based solely on the hope that: ‘if we build it, they will come’ is financial folly.”

Power Flow’s “Pre-STC” program allows owners of less prevalent aircraft types to join forces to “prove the market”.  Based on the size of the potential market, Power Flow sets a minimal earnest money deposit (typically $500) and a minimum number of required initial depositors (usually 40-50). The depositors get a fixed purchase price and guaranteed performance improvement benchmarks.

The program started with a campaign to develop a tuned exhaust for Cessna’s 177RG model.  Power Flow initiated the project in 2008 after 40 RG pilots (members of the Cardinal Flyers Online Pilot’s Group), signed-up, each making a $500 deposit.  Obtaining the STC in early 2009, Power Flow delivered brand new systems to each of the initial depositors.  It has since delivered more than 125 additional systems to RG owners worldwide.  

A similar action was undertaken in 2010 for the Aviat Husky; this time based on deposits from 35 pilots. The company has now sold more than 35 additional systems to Husky owners seeking higher performance for their aircraft.

Neither one of these airframes would have “made the cut” for Power Flow to consider a new development effort based on the number of airframes in service.  It was only with the participation of owners that the company was able to justify these projects.

Power Flow invites inquiries from other aircraft type clubs and owner’s groups interested in making the benefits of the company’s proven tuned exhaust system available to their own members.

To learn more about Power Flow, visit PowerFlowSystems.com.

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